July 6, 2005

"A chilling conclusion to an utterly confounding case."

Well put by Bill Keller, the Executive Editor of The Times. And it is a frigid and sad day indeed for the press--and the public who benefit from and depend upon a robust and vigorous press--that a reporter such as Judy Miller is carted off to jail for refusing to disclose her source. Remember, of course, that Miller never published a story about Valerie Plame. So in effect she is being jailed for ... what? For listening to a source? For thinking about what the source said? For not "cooperating" with the government in an investigation of ... well, I guess we don't know that, do we? Such a scenario seems to be getting eerily close to being hounded by the mind police.

Floyd Abrams was eloquent, as usual, in his post-hearing interview on MSNBC. Try to catch it in the repeats later if you missed it live.

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