July 14, 2005

Prove it, Mr. President!

Two points.

First, Karl Rove should resign or be fired. It's that simple. Regardless of whether he technically violated the letter of the law regarding disclosure of covert operatives, he likely violated its spirit. His subsequent denials and cover-up have compounded his wrongdoing. Shouldn't we expect those in the inner-most circles of the White House to meet, at a minimum, a standard of avoiding even the appearance of impropriety?

Second, President Bush should grant Judith Miller a full pardon. She is in jail as a direct result of Mr. Rove's shenanigans. Only a pardon can set things right, and attempt to undo some of the harm done to our First Amendment rights--and this has affected all of our rights, not just those of the press.

Mr. Rove should be out of the White House, and Ms. Miller should be out of jail.

President Bush recently told the board of the Radio-Television News Directors Association, "Look, I'm a First Amendment guy." I say prove it.

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