August 11, 2005

Support for Judy Miller, at Home and Abroad

Miami-based Inter-American Press Association and Paris-based Reporters Without Borders (Reporters sans frontieres) have voiced concern for the jailing of Times reporter Judith Miller. The IAPA held a press conference yesterday to protest pressure on US reporters to reveal sources, and to show solidarity for Ms. Miller. The IAPA delegation also met with Senator Richard Lugar, the proponent of the federal media shield law currently under consideration, and later met with Ms. Miller at the federal detention center in Virginia. RWB last month published an open letter to Senator Arlen Specter, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, citing Ms. Miller's imprisonment, and urging adoption of the Free Flow of Information Act of 2005. In reading through the Web sites of each organization it is interesting to see that the overwhelming focus of both groups usually is on lack of press freedom in other countries.

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